Total Solution for Pharmaceutical Water System

Water is used as raw material and cleaning agent in pharmaceutical industry. Quality standards and use of pharmaceutical water is clearly defined and required by various national pharmacopoeia. GMP of various countries and organizations regards production, storage and distribution system of pharmaceutical water as key system in pharmaceutical production, and makes clear requirements for design, installation, validation, operation and maintenance, etc.

Ideal has served in pharmaceutical industry for many years. With professional design, construction and validation team, we provide all aspects of service to clients from concept design, scheme design and detailed design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training, operation and maintenance to validation.

Ideal has been adhering to "quality by design" concept. Ideal applies GEP in construction of engineering projects and keeps GMP compliance as goal of GEP project, in order to ensure stability and consistency of production quality of water system.

Service Range

Generation, storage and distribution system of purified water 

Generation, storage and distribution system of water for injection

Generation, cylinder and distribution system of pure steam

Gas pipeline system of clean compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum, etc.